Microsoft crypto mining patent

microsoft crypto mining patent

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Github btc Earlier this week, Microsoft filed a patent for a new human-powered cryptocurrency mining system that uses data generated by people to solve computationally difficult problems without even thinking about it. Microsoft Patents Cutting Edge Human-Powered Crypto Mining System Microsoft has filed for a patent for a cryptocurrency mining system that will leverage the data collected from people as they interact with advertising or exercise. These data points are then paired with the task a person is doing and then used as a proof-of-work PoW element This data would be unique for each individual, forming essentially a digital fingerprint and the unique data required for PoW. We're specifically talking about proof-of-work, which is the consensus algorithm blockchain depends on to confirm transactions. Read more about. Although Microsoft designed the system, it is unclear whether the company is moving forward on actually creating it. Disclosure Please note that our privacy policy , terms of use , cookies , and do not sell my personal information has been updated.
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Is crypto straight apex There's a really good chance this concept could all amount to absolutely nothing, or at least Microsoft may not actively pursue it until way down the road. In a patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO Thursday, the American computer giant said sensors could detect activity associated with specific tasks � such as time spent viewing ads � and convert it into computer-readable data to solve computational problems, in much the same way as a conventional proof-of-work system. Whether this patent idea becomes a reality remains to be seen and there are still a significant amount of questions that remain around privacy and on whether this will work on existing blockchain protocols, or be a new one is unknown. Mar 30, by Lucas Cacioli. Search for:. If that string matches the target, it's considered a proof-of-work, and the transaction may be completed.
Microsoft crypto mining patent Scanners connected to the head could even use brainwaves, signals sent out during mental exertion, to mine for cryptocurrencies. Microsoft says the system could be used to incentivize users to perform certain tasks. The ledgers that track bitcoin transactions look for a "proof-of-work" that confirms a computer has mined the currency. The system is also purported to monitor mental exertion, mind power used when a person is reading or writing, and convert this into data respectively. News News. Microsoft has been awarded a U. Robots in the Trenches Are Reshaping Warfare.
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On Sept. 10, Shipp linked Microsoft's recent cryptocurrency patent, which would enable users to mine crypto using their body activity data, to a. Microsoft and Bill Gates have filed a patent numbered for a microchip which is inserted into the body and which rewards activity with. The recently patented cryptocurrency system by Microsoft introduces a novel approach to mining by tapping into the body's energy output. By.
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