Bill gates crypto a

bill gates crypto a

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They're often touted as a erased over half of its digital assets like art or the much-hyped Bored Ape Yacht. For its part, Celsius says "not involved" in crypto, "I'm not long or short any.

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Bill gates crypto a Investing Club. Specifically, Gates said, he's primarily concerned about the lack of regulation around the cryptocurrency. Skip Navigation. The tech billionaire said he's "not involved" in crypto, "I'm not long or short any of those things. I'm not involved in that.
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Games to mine crypto However, it wasn't the first time that Gates has given his opinion on cryptocurrency � and it probably won't be his last. Related Stories. The value of companies is based on how they make great products. It would be good to get rid of that. Most recently, the billionaire said that NFTs are based on the greater fool theory , prompting some backlash from blockchain enthusiasts. Next Gen Investing Olympic skateboarder says this is the 'dumbest' way he's ever spent his money.
How to mine bitcoins 2021 calendar Market Realist is a registered trademark. They're often touted as a way to prove ownership of digital assets like art or sports collectibles. Skip Navigation. As for crypto, "I'm not involved in that," Gates added. He continued, "It doesn't have the visibility of Bitcoin, but the move toward digital money, that we're very engaged in, is a super positive thing that eventually will get to even the poorest countries.

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Feb 18, Bill Gates CoinFlash. Ben Delo, billionaire co-founder of bitcoin's possible future ahead of to contribute to a new payments services app from the. May 28, Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates claimed cryptocurrency "has caused Gates.

Feb 27, DLT startup Ripple crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, has the release of the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation's annual. Jul 23, at p. Jun 28, Jun 15, at. Oct 16, By Grace Caffyn.

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According to a CNN report at the time, Gates was quoted as saying that cryptos and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were �% based on greater fool. Gates has previously doubted crypto. In a interview with Bloomberg, Gates said that it was one thing for Elon Musk and Tesla to invest in. Microsoft Corp. Co-Founder Bill Gates shared his skeptical views on Bitcoin, distinguishing himself from other tech and celebrity figures.
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The debacle has fueled fears of a looming insolvency event for Celsius � and possible knock-on effects for other parts of the crypto market. The multi-billionaire has tweeted about Dogecoin on several occasions, ultimately causing the price to go up almost 6, percent over two years. Previously speaking to Bloomberg Technology, the year-old Microsoft founder said: "Elon has tons of money and he's very sophisticated so I don't worry that his Bitcoin will randomly go up or down.